The Nexus: Gender Globalization and Migration

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The Nexus: Gender Globalization and Migration

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The proposals for free movement of people across countries is met with massive resistance because it lays a lot of concerns to the receiving countries. When people migrate from low productivity and unemployment, it faces opposition from the receiving country. This is because, for the receiving state, there will be a bigger economy but less rich (Boyd & Grieco, 2003, 13). There is also a worry that immigrant workers decrease job opportunities and depress wages for the natives. The arguments and critics against free movements of people are majorly based on the economic viability debate and hostile politics within the receiving country. More concerns lie wider on the economic strain.
While migration is a general term used to refer to the movement of people from one place to another, immigration is a subset of migration and refers to the permanent movement of people into a country from another. It is significant to differentiate them because it is good to understand their primary motive. While migrants may have a positive impact on the economy, immigrants may otherwise pose threats to the economy (Sassen, 1998, 55).
There should be gendered analysis toward migration. For instance, incorporating the explanations of women migrants about their unique experiences which lead to migration (Boyd & Grieco, 2003, 25). This way it prevents the primary view of women as just mere children or wives of the male migrants.

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