The Grave by Katherine Anne Porter

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The Grave by Katherine Anne Porter

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The Grave
Porter, Katherine Anne. “The Grave.” Leo, H. & Frederic R. Karl (1967) The shape of fiction: British and American Short Stories (1934): 158-165. HYPERLINK “”
This story narrates the life of Miranda and her brother when they came upon a family cemetery, which was empty after the land that it was in had been sold. The story reflects on the exploration of the children and their discovery in understanding the concept of death and the value of life. This book is important as t captures on the detail of the sanctity of life and the purpose of death in the society.
Rooke, Constance, and Bruce Wallis. “Myth and Epiphany in Porter’s ‘The Grave.’” Studies in Short Fiction, vol. 15, no. 3, Summer 1978, p. 269.
This article offers a reflection of the work of Katherine “The Grave” it highlights the mythical perspective devised in the book and the expression of epiphany in a way that readers can comprehend their innate use through the short story by Katherine. This article is important as it as well reflect on the themes covered in the story.
“Katherine Anne Porter’s Manuscript of ‘The Grave,’ 1935.” Virginia Quarterly Review, vol. 91, no. 4, Fall 2015, p. 225.
The article summaries the important component of the book “the Grave” by discussing what the author found interesting in her writing and some i…

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