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Television Show Criique

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The Good Doctor: An Excellent Film
Step 2
Show title: The Good Doctor
Episode title: Burnt Food
Episode number: 01
Director: Seth Gordon
Producer: David Shore
Recurring stars: Graham Varchere (Portraying a young Shaun Murphy)
: Dylan Kingwell (appearing in flashbacks as Shaun Murphy’s younger brother)
Program genre: Medical drama
Step 3
In The Good Doctor, the young Dr. Shaun Murphy (Protagonist), who has both savant syndrome and autism leaves a quiet country life and joins the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital, St. Bonaventure Hospital where he faces the challenge of skeptic colleagues with whom he is unable to connect personally (complicating action). (Resolution)Even though he cannot connect personally with the people around him, Murphy uses his extraordinary skills to save lives of patients and challenge the skepticisms of his colleagues like Neil Melendez (Antagonist).
In this episode, Shaun Murphy is on his way to commence his residency at St. Bonaventure Hospital when he witnesses an accident in which a falling airport sign shatters glass onto a young boy. He uses improvised tools and methods to stabilize the boy thereby impressing the hospital’s president who later tries to vouch for him to be hired by the board.
Step 4
The show has a cross-generational appeal evidenced by the use of characters of both young and adult characters.
Step 5
In the scene where Dr. Murphy uses telekinetic ability to diagnose and trea…

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