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The article reports about the increase in resistance of bacteria in various sections that pose a great risk to the health of people. The author explains previous progress in eliminating most of the pathogens through the development of antibiotics (Landhuis, 2014). However, practices in agriculture and healthcare systems in various nations including the United States contribute to the rise in resistance to previously effective antibiotics. Such changes evident from the studies present a significant threat to health since developments of new effective antibiotics do not match the rates at which bacteria are becoming resistant.
The methodology used in the gathering of data for the article involved analysis data from the previous research. The investigator obtained the data by searching relevant reports about drug resistance from various websites. Information presented in the article show reliance on secondary data to make conclusions about the rise in bacterial resistance against antibiotics. Websites of agencies like CDC and WHO provided information that the author used in the study.
The results showed a rise in resistance against antibiotics and factors contributing to these changes (Landhuis, 2014). Unnecessary prescription of antibiotics in healthcare facilities and practices in farming are some of the areas that are shown to contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The results confirm t…

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