Storm or Change

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Storm or Change

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M6A1: Case Study – Storm or Change
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M6A1: Case Study – Storm or Change
The East Street International Human/ Animal Rights Agency has an initiative that aims at incorporating contemporary marketing approaches. Consequently, the board of directors has to ensure that the selected advertising campaign is efficient and meets all the comprehensive needs and prerequisites of the agency. In the subject case, the board of directors is listening to a proposal that advocates for the utilization of direct mail, telemarketing, social media, television, and infomercials. Still, the proposal focuses on the most appealing factors of the organization’s work. The primary elements of the agency’s operations focus on saving pets and children experiencing the negative outcomes of trafficking and death row for animals.
Resultantly, the proposal’s prospects indicate that the advertising campaign should lead to increased donations with estimates of 6 million dollars. Conversely, the expenditures of the proposal are high, particularly for the processes of augmented advertising, mailing, and promotional costs for the staffs. Even so, the net gain is considerable and could influence development since it will experience a 20% augmentation and essential additional finances for the needy. Resolutely, given these possibilities, the board members have mixed feelings regarding the proposal with a significant number deeming the expenditure justifiabl…

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