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Step One
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Step One
Background and Statistics
While suicide is related to mental health according to most cultures and societal beliefs, Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava and his colleagues reveal that suicide is a likely possibility to many individuals in the population and therefore a significant concern for the health and productivity of the community (Shrivastava et al., 2015). According to the analysis of the authors on public health strategies to ensure a reduction in the incidences of suicide, the potential risk factors range from mental disorders, depression along with substance abuse, to the common everyday situations that include financial crises, relationship failures in addition to chronic illnesses. Additional consideration includes exposure to violence. From the view of the factors, it is evident that all members of the population are at risk of suicide with common modes of committing suicide including the use of firearms, pesticides in addition to hanging.
Ultimately, the outcomes include a significant loss of lives, with the figures reaching a high of 45,000 lives within the United States in 2016 (Shrivastava et al., 2015). The burden of suicide the United States government included 93.5 billion dollars for the loss of productivity in addition to the cost of treating injuries for the failed attempts. The financial cost excludes the emotional cost to the survivors and their communities.
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From the ana…

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