Soldier’s mail for May 1918: Toul (Boucq) Sector

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Soldier’s mail for May 1918: Toul (Boucq) Sector

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Soldier’s mail for May 1918: Tool (Boucq) Sector
Part 1
Soldier’s mail for May 1918: Toul (Boucq) Sector
The region that was guarded by Bucq was at the south-eastern part of St. Michael minster. This area extended towards the lines that were occupied by the Irish people. The salient extended to the area that had the French soldiers. Throughout the battles, the Germans had an advantage both tactically and in terms of their organizational movement (Avery, 2017). The main feature in this region was the bridge that was extending from the eastern side to the west. The western side was occupied by the French soldier. The allied soldiers could be attacked by the Germans from the back and the form as they were surrounded by the enemies on both ends. The trenches that were used also had numerous problems, especially those of the drainage ones. The Americans were fully in charge of the bridge and the section that had extended towards the French territory.
Thesis: The World War One caused several damages that the world still regrets today, and the people that lost their lives are a lesson that everyone has to learn from
In the month of May, there was another raiding that took place that was made of about four hundred people. The raiders attacked the first battalion. However, the enemy was not able to pass through the defined line was easily repelled not a loss. The enemy eventually lost and was unable to pass through the line if defence. By this time, the …

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