Social mobility in American Society

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Social mobility in American Society

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Social Mobility of American Society
American Middle class has suffered tremendous setbacks as part of different recessionary periods. Nevertheless, these cycles of deterioration is enhancing with the passage of time. The ever-widening gap between the top 1 percent of rich and bottom 90 percent of the rest presents the most alarming outlook to middle class American citizens. In order to explain the very barriers to social mobility of American middle class, three analysts have provided a more diversified outlook regarding this highly concerning topic.
Among these very barriers includes, the cyclic recessionary period as part of the American economy has proved to be the massive hurdle. Besides that, the factors of wealth, income, cultural diasporas, and most importantly, unemployment are some of the most decisive factors leading to such changes. Under the prevailing condition of plutonomy, as Kapur, Macleod and Singh (1) have described plutonomy as the economic growth “consumed by a chosen few”. This has surely leaded towards a major barrier called economic inequality among the top 1 percent and bottom 90 percent.
Within the sub domain of economic inequality, income inequality is another major issue faced by middle class Americans. Nonetheless, during the recessionary period, it is quite common that the economic inequality shrinks thereby giving some space for the middle class to prosper. However, it has not h…

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