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Science Application Essay

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Q1. The reason I am interested in being a high school mentor
A High school mentor has the advantage of guiding students to be self-motivated, discover their areas of interest and attain high-grade scores by senior year. Most students in the first years of learning need guidance on education matters from someone who has the experience in order to make the right choice. Since 1999 Breakthrough New York has had tremendous reviews of changing lives of many motivated and low-income earning students by helping them select and apply to good colleges. Breakthrough New York has an organized mentorship program that has had positive feedback from a large percentage of students throughout New York and it is highly recommended to most students. Becoming a mentor at Breakthrough New York will increase my career opportunities and the exposure will help increase my mentorship skills and knowledge of my subjects, it will enhance my communication and personal skills through constant interaction with the 8th grade students. Team work is a skill I possess that will help motivate the students to be actively involved throughout the program and this will enable them achieve the required deadlines.
Q2. The challenges faced, action taken and future precautions
I faced a lack of staff support from the organization I was offering the services to. The staff at the institution were too busy to give me a proper introduction and this would have made lose tru…

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