Scholarly Activity Summary

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Scholarly Activity Summary

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Scholarly Activity Summary

Scholarly Activity Summary
This scholarly activity that I was involved in was a filter meeting. The meeting was done by interdisciplinary members who usually meet on a monthly basis to discuss the variations in the quality of hospitals. The events included patient falls and delay of care as well as wrong procedures for surgery. This team included 12 members and people who have an agenda for the meeting. Filter meeting determines the process gaps and assigning the scores within the activities. The main target in the hospital was to relate the lessons learned and how they could apply on the enterprise basis. The meeting was beneficial to me as a nurse because it improved my understanding of the cause and improve my skills and understanding of professional capstone and practicum course. Exposure to this meeting changed my view of evaluating situations especially when it comes to a local unit.
The meeting that I had attended offered me 8 cases for the review process:
•Wrong sites procedures (1)
•Delays of healthcare (1)
•Medications Errors (2)
•Patients fall (4)
The Filter Committee that I was involved in reviewed various facets of this cases. In each of the cases, there was an application of an algorithm through a series of breast questions to help in determining whether the cases were serious with a scale of (1-10), there was also a scale of potential safety events (1-10) and a good catch.

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