Same sex marriage

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Same sex marriage

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Same-Sex Marriage
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Same-Sex Marriage
My view is in support of the same-sex marriage issue across the United States. The same-sex couples have the right to conduct their marriage proceedings in appropriate public, religious, and private institutions. However, the wedding official must have the right to deny the officiating duty if the ceremony is against his or her religious beliefs and values (Caitlin, 2015). For example, Catholic priests or Muslim clerics have the right to deny same-sex couples the marriage proceedings. Likewise, religious public or private officers who have the wedding officiating and registration duties have the right to prevent same-sex marriages as they are against their beliefs and values.
My support for the same-sex marriages is due to the constitutional provisions of the rights to pursue happiness, form families, and participate in human associations (Obergefell v Hodges, 2015). All individuals, including the same-sex couples, have the legal rights to start families and pursue their happiness. At the same time, other individuals have different interests and the right to practice their beliefs and values (Gerstmann, 2017). The religious belief rights are in the US Constitution. Thus, religious leaders and public or private officials who have religious beliefs should get an exemption from the same-sex activities.
I am a strong supporter of the same-sex marriage. The US Constitution and the judicial precedents show…

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