Roosevelt and Holocaust

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Roosevelt and Holocaust

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Roosevelt and Holocaust.
How might the United States have done more to help European Jews during the 1930s?
The United States together with its allied European countries should have focused more on helping the people instead of focusing on military success. The news about the destruction planned by the Germans had spread long before the United States engaged themselves in the war (“The United States and The Holocaust, 1942–45”). On hearing about it, they could have acted immediately instead of waiting until the Japans struck them. A fast response could have made it sure that they do not run out of resources which were the main limitation that they experienced in the war. The US allegedly on a lighter note denounced their minority citizens hence excluding people like Jews from their security circle. If they accepted the minorities, the Nazis could get discouraged knowing that the Jews had support from other nations. That could also give the Jews assurance of security and encouraged them to take place in the war and help in fighting back.
In your own words, evaluate why Roosevelt and the British did not do more to prevent the mass exterminations in the death camps.
First, Roosevelt and his allies took long to respond despite the spread of news way before the killings. As said above, another factor that prevented them from doing more is prioritizing military success over humanitarian aid. If they could have hel…

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