Roles and Application of Project Management Concepts

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Roles and Application of Project Management Concepts

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Roles and Application of Project Management Concepts
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Even if project management appears new to most individuals, it plays a vital role in almost all branches of nursing. Education track, just like other branches, take in the constituents of the nursing process, which comprises evaluation, planning, implementation as well as assessment. The four elements are incorporated into the projects that are run or initiated by nursing informatics specialists and are not only aimed to benefit the patients but also other individuals working in the sector including the nurses (Gallagher, 2012). In addition to that are other applications in education track. Characteristically, project management concepts can also be used in an academic setting when developing a graduate practicum that should be planned, designed and effected before students graduate.
Apart from that is the evaluation of the learning management system, a role that cannot be achieved without nursing informatics as well as the concepts of project management. Nursing informatics and project management concepts are crucial when evaluating gaps in student’s needs and when developing recommendations for graduate nurses (Sipes, 2016). Similarly, assessment of projects and programs in nursing academic settings to ascertain their quality rely on project management. Moreover, many changes and improvements must be made not only in the academic context of nursing but also in the healt…

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