Rights Ethics

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Rights Ethics

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Rights Ethics
Immigrants and refugees originating from war-torn nations have a right to get a college education and also access job opportunities enjoyed by Americans citizens. I believe that these human beings deserve a better life to give them hope since they have nowhere else to go since their nations are chaotic and dangerous. Immigrants and refugees can become a great resource when utilized well. Instead of segregating and discriminating them, I think they need to be integrated into the society so they can live a healthy life. I believe that when the war and disorder are over in their countries, they can go back and rebuild their lives with the skills and knowledge gained in the United States which will make their lives easier.
Cultural relativism believes that all cultures are worthy of their rights and are of equal worth. Such people think that no one has the right to judge another person’s beliefs, customs or ethics. They believe that all cultures are equivalent and legitimate expressions of human existence (Butler 175). I think they would suggest that immigrants and refugees be judged not based on their cultures from which they originate but be studied neutrally. In recent years, the immigrants are mostly from Islam cultures, and people misjudge them to be terrorists and evil people. A cultural relativist would not agree with these a…

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