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This chapter has widened my thinking regarding followership as the process in which individuals agree to adhere to the influence of others to achieve a common set goal. As exemplified by Mr. Dumont with his robotics club, group cooperation creates through an active collaboration of both the leader and the followers through effective communication. Through communication, people happen to interact hence creating a meaning of their realities which have an impact on an organization’s outcomes. In the case study of the robotics club, Mr. Dumont exemplified the qualities of a good leader who understands the group dynamics and offers an ear to every issue raised by club members (Northouse, 257). The robotics club serves as the best example of the benefits of having effective leadership under the patronage of Mr. Dumont.
In our case study, the robotics club has shown to have followers who have deferring attitudes and purpose of being followers. Marshawn, who is an alienated follower, full of himself and a lot of negative attitudes which influences other followers’ behavior (Northouse, 302). Andre is a follower who exists in the club for his own individualistic interests only. All he wants is to have the club membership appear in his college resume. He deliberately ignores club operations and running just to be an observer from a distance. On Benita, who is a follower of a kind to be a member of the robotics club, she cooperates …

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