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Research critique

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Research Critique
B. Determine the level and quality of the evidence using a scale ( The scale below have been used to determine the level of the research
the scale of the Evidence
Level I Experimentation study or a randomized controlled trial (RCT) or metadata analysis of Randomised Control Trial
Level II Quasi-experimentation study
Level III The non-experimentation study, qualitative studies, or meta-synthesis.
Level IV Opinions on the nation that have been recognized by the medical experts and they are based on research evidence. They are also based on the expert consensus panel. Examples are the systematic reviews, clinical practices guidelines)
Level V Opinions of individual experts based on non-researched evidence. ( examples are case studies; literature reviews; organizational experiences for examples are., quality improvements and the various financial data; clinical expertise and the personal experiences)

This is a level I study. The quality of evidence is the High-quality research. This is because it consists of the results that are sufficiently backed with sufficient sample sizes, adequate controls, and the perfect definitive conclusion. The research is also consistent with the recommendations that have been based on an extensive review of the literature. The reviews also have thoughts that are scientific as well as the scientific evidence.
C. Decide if the st…

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