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Part One: Summary of ‘Revelation and Truth’
There are critical fundamental big picture questions that define our belief and way of life. The key issues involve defining who we are, where we came from, where we are heading, why is there evil in the first place and what awaits us after death (Stephens, 2015). Any rational human has beliefs about these issues. As such, they try to justify the truth that we claim to believe. The understanding of these questions requires a conscious mind able to think to criticise and analyse them to establish reason and meaning (Stephens, 2015). Humans have different beliefs and understandings of these questions. The only Being who fully understands these issues, purpose, and nature of the entire universe is God. This implies that understanding of this questions requires a more in-depth knowledge of God and how He reveals Himself to us as humans to fulfill our intellectual capacity can understand the truth.
There are some limitations or barriers that hinder the deeper understanding of these questions. For instance, personal barriers like being short in time. It takes a long time to develop proper critical thinking and necessary skills and ideas which are needed in human life. Those that have the time do not have the temperament to sustain deep and long intellectual thoughts. The other limitation is the moral barrier. Some people choose to not know the truth because of what they believe in. The other limitation is caused by human barriers…

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