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COLT 360
Reading Response
10th April 2018Reading Response to a Story on Cupid and Psyche
In 1962, Jack Lindsay brought the most diverting modern version of classic fairy tales that was frank and vivid. The ideology of translation brings a unique eye that captures the sharp dialogue, racy delight, and, a genuine flavor in the narrative on Cupid and psyche. Cupid and Psyche being the earliest narrative did arouse in the second century on the subject of the Animal Bridegroom tales that did advance overtime and also displays the culture in the beast and beauty for it to be complete (81).
The plotting of cupid and psyche being a story that is within the larger work of the Golden Asse. In the view, Psyche attractive and beauty makes her fame, and this creates threatens in the eclipse of Venus. The Venus god becomes jealous and gives his father an insight that psyche must be set to the rock, and also wed a serpent. The acquiring of brave psyche makes her find herself in an exquisite palace where all sorts of luxuries are available (84).
The idealized of violation on forbidden comes in where a lover does come in at night, whom psyche is outlawed to see him. The outward eye evolves when his envious sister convinces her that she is married to a monster and turns out to the Cupid husband who is the son of Venus. The mission of the son was to kill the Psyche as she had made the god of Venus jealous. However, the Cupid son did love her instead. This does result in sending a…

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