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Reading Note
The chapter/reading is about ways in which ICTs may be used to help the poor as well as the marginalized to make a difference in their lives. The agenda is supported by theoretical notions about development, empowerment, poverty, and marginalization. Based on the reading, development is primarily concerned with economic growth or ways of making economic systems more effective. ICTs have a critical role in delivering the interpretation of development. Science and technology, economy and politics can be brought together to end absolute poverty and make this world a better place. As much as the technologies are capable of making fundamental differences to the lives of the poor, the reading alludes that it has mainly enabled the rich or the privileged to retain their social, economic positions which call for the moral and ethical question as well as the role of religion in shaping the development (Unwin 7).
The chapter discusses a social science theoretical framework by providing the readers with an understanding of the emergence of ICT4D as a set of practices within the broad subject of development. It provides proper interpretation of vital aspects of the relevant contemporary practices such that those intending to implement the ICT4D initiative may understand the opportunities and constraints within which they should operate.
The content of the reading is essentially designed to encourage self-reflection, particularly on…

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