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Question One: Non-Conformance
In quality assurance, non-conformance indicates that something has gone wrong and hence needs readdressing. From the checklist provided, there are several aspects that the above mentioned occurs. One of the evident elements where nonconformance happens is on the 24-hour medication supply (Evans, et al., 54). As compared to other procedures, this procedure has the highest number of non-conformances.
Question Two: Disciplines Needed For the Problem Resolution
The disciplines that can efficiently work in the aspects mentioned above include the use of teamwork, description of the problem, determination of the causes and the perceived causes and the implementation of the corrective actions, among other vital aspects.
Question Three: Resolution Date and a Sentence Defense
June 30th. The corrective action would have been evaluated by this time, and all the root causes eliminated.
Question Four: The Measure of Completion
In the aspect as mentioned above, the measure of completion is 30 days, unless other root causes are established due process, which would call for more time to have them eliminated.
Question Five: Fix for the problem
The fix for the problem identified is to increase the medication provided in 24 hours, to meet all requirements.
Question Six: Methods in the Identified Order
The following are the methods in the order:
Determine the causing factors
Define and determine the cause of the p…

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