Qualitative Research used by Respiratory Nurses

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Qualitative Research used by Respiratory Nurses

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Qualitative Research Used by Respiratory Nurses
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Qualitative Research Used by Respiratory Nurses
Verbrugge, R., Boer, F., & Georges, J. J. (2013). Strategies used by respiratory nurses to stimulate self‐management in patients with COPD. Journal of clinical nursing, 22 (19-20), 2787-2799
The research paper discusses the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and identifies the various lifestyles and activities that directly lead to the condition, and that aggravate the condition. Smoking is identified as the chief factor that causes the narrowing of the airway passage. The paper identifies that once a patient suffers from the disease, they experience shortness of breath that causes them to feel fatigue easily. The condition causes them to avoid physical exercise that in turn makes their condition worse. The study recommends that encouraging people with this condition to live a healthy lifestyle, healthy diets, and physical exercise will significantly help improve their condition.Self-management is defined as the ability of the patient to exercise self-care regarding the symptoms and the treatment process. Normally, respiratory nurses aid the patients in the recovery process. The study, however, recognizes that a lack of formal self-management strategies by the patients often leads to inadequate care being given to these patients.
The paper examines a variety of strategies that nurses in Holland have adopted t…

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