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Purchasing management

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Effectiveness of Purchasing Management Aspects

Effectiveness of Purchasing Management Aspects
A purchasing manager plays a crucial role in ensuring that a company gets the best deal in terms of raw material purchase. They ensure that the company minimizes the cost of production for their products so as to maximize the profit they get. Apart from cost minimization, they also ensure that they get the best quality of raw materials required by their company. In this paper, we will take an in-depth analysis of the Harris Tea Company. We will look at how Supplier selection, Purchasing cost and the use of ICT for purchasing operation and management affect the effectiveness of the purchasing manager’s role within Harris Tea Company.
Harris Tea Company is among the top leading producer of black, herbal, green and other types of tea within the world market. The company has four production facilities located in California, Georgia, New Jersey, and the United Kingdom respectively. The target market for the company includes the European and the American region. Harris Tea Company got recognized as the top supplier of blended tea in America in the year 2015 (Harris Tea Company, 2018). One of the organizational strategies the company has put in place is having a robust research facility for tea blending. The facility has ensured that the company produces the highest quality of processed tea products that can compete well in the market. Harris Tea Co…

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