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Psychology Analytical essay

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Occupational Health Psychology
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Occupational health psychology is an inter-disciplinary area of psychology concerned with the safety and health of employees. This research paper discusses work-family conflict as a current issue in OHP, its impact according to a research within Canadian and Quebec society, and provides some solutions to the issue. It is essential for workers to balance their family lives with their working lives. However, due to the current economic constraints, people are focusing more on their careers other than their families with some settling for double shifts with the aim of meeting all their basic needs.
Some of these impacts include parental stress as a result of lack of ample time to spend with their children. According to a research conduct in Canada, 38% of mothers and 26% of fathers more so single parents experience this type of stress (St-Amour et al., 2007). This conflict also results in general and family life dissatisfaction translating into workplace displeasure. Unsatisfied employees are likely to hamper the performance of the organization. These employees are also likely to encounter challenges when interacting with colleagues making it hard for teamwork. This conflict is also likely to contribute to mental problems such as depression, anxiety, frustration, and mood disorders which are a result of fatigue and stress. Some of these individuals have been known to engage in drug and substance abuse. Other im…

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