Proposition 13 ‘“ Split Roll Taxes

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Proposition 13 ‘“ Split Roll Taxes

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The Enactment of the Split Roll Tax Property Tax in California
Tax is a compulsory levy that must be imposed on citizens because it is the chief source of revenue for the federal, state and local governments. The money collected from taxation is used in running the capital and current expenses of the government. Given its importance, taxation has been treated with lots of caution. In California, different forms of taxes are levied on citizens. These include property taxes, income taxes as well as custom duties (Pearson and Janey 281). As a state, California is in the process of changing its policies governing property taxes. This paper argues against the introduction of split roll tax, but supports the continued use of Proposition 3 in the determination of property taxes within its jurisdiction.
Consequences of Split Roll Tax Property Tax
The implementation of Split Roll Tax Property Tax will be a direct amendment of the Proposition 13, the tax regime introduced in 1978 to levy equal taxes on the residential and commercial property within the state. By changing it, the Californian property owners will no longer has to be uniformly taxed on their property, but be discriminated based on the types of property owned. For this reason, the split roll taxation system needs to be opposed because if implemented, it can adversely affect the state in the following ways:
Unfairness: Unlike the Prop. 13, split roll system will impose diff…

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