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Primary Task Response
Part 1
Complementary and alternative health care practices are the plans outside the primary field of medicine and that in most cases gets sourced from natural herbs. They are applied to treat sicknesses like insomnia and coughs and at times supplements the dietary requirements and loss of weight (Hughes, Gail, et al., N.pag). The need to integrate them is to help meet the population’s health requirements especially in remote places that have challenges in accessing primary health care. By including these programs in health care will boost safety, quality and studies regulation. That is critical given the potential risks in the present health care system that may be unable to manage (Hughes, Gail, et al., N.pag)
Part 2
As a nurse, to improve the implementation of complementary and alternative health care practices, needs to use models of the integrated care provision. That entails getting a particular skill or knowledge concerning the supplementary approaches in health care (Mann, Douglas, et al., .15) as an example is the informed clinician approach. That entails the nurse acquiring knowledge on the alternative care methods and advising the patients on their proper use. A family medicine physician as an example may gain insight on herbal supplements for some conditions seen in the hospitals. These could be nutritional, bodywork and others (Mann, Douglas, et al., 16)
Part 3
a) Population based nursin…

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