Poverty in America (Focus on Missouri and Africa American race)

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Poverty in America (Focus on Missouri and Africa American race)

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Poverty in America
One qualifies to be called poor or living in poverty when the same individual is having a lack in the required and socially acceptable amount of material possession and money. Poverty can also be described as “having a significant low income as compared to the other members of the society.” In the United States of America, poverty among individuals is assessed and determine using the federal standards in the poverty threshold. The states in their capacities also have developed poverty guidelines to help evaluate and determine the fraction of their population that live in poverty. The adjustments in the poverty threshold come as a result of inflation due to the consumer price index. It is, however, noted that the levels of poverty in rural areas are higher than the poverty levels registered in the cities and the other metropolitan areas (Cellini, Stephanie, Signe-Mary & Caroline, 578).
The federal poverty threshold is 23,624 for a family with two children. It, therefore, goes that any child living in a family whose income is below the federal poverty line is termed as poor. Missouri has a population composed of 718,838 families with the population of 1,367,801 children. The demographic statistics estimates that 22% of the children which is an equivalent of 300,065 individuals live in poverty. On employment, 27% of the children in living in poverty have at least one parent on full employment in a year …

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