Postcolonialism and Hip Hop Revised

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Postcolonialism and Hip Hop Revised

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Neo-Colonialism and Hip-Hop Culture
In 1965, former president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah proposed his vision of the modern colonialism. This neocolonialism as he called it refers to a change of the new tactics as a way to maintain the imperial power and interests in the regions regardless of the perceived autonomy these regions had. He said that
“ … Giving’ independence to its former subjects … followed by ‘aid’ for their development … devises innumerable ways to accomplish objectives formerly achieved by naked colonialism. It is this total of these modern attempts to perpetuate colonialism while at the same time talking about ‘freedom’, which has come to be known as neo-colonialism.” (Nkrumah 239)
Hence, neocolonialism can be defined as a state that is in theory independent but its independence is granted by a third party that “aids” from the outside. Consequently, although African-Americans do not live in a separate state, thanks to slavery and cultural colonization, they have lived lives isolated from the mainstream American culture, generating unique manifestations such as hip-hop. Also, the modern rhetorics of an African-American culture that does not come from the country as it used to, but from the cities, introduces a new variable to the study of their culture concerning their cultural colonists. Moreover, African-American culture has also influenced American culture, adding slang expressions from the A…

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