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Positive Discipline

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Positive Discipline
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The article “Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn” was written by Dr. Jane Nelsen. The article appears in the online journal Positive Discipline. Dr. Jane Nelsen posted the article on 23rd November 2014. It is a single-paged article that has no volume/issue and does not have any attached articles or documents. Furthermore, the article leaves room for public opinion.
Dr. Jane immediately captures any reader’s attention by making the reader reminisce memories when a child where one was scolded or told to be stupid or inadequate by parents and teachers for making a mistake. The article addresses the long-term results when a child is given negative messages due to their mistakes. It talks about the subconscious effect of these negative messages in later life such decisions not to take risks for fear of humiliation and obsession with the need to prove their worth. Dr. Jane Nelsen in her article suggests that there is a need for children to be taught to be excited about their mistakes and take those mistakes as opportunities to learn. The article states that children need to be exposed daily to the value of their mistakes and also learn from them in a safe environment. It discourages fear in parents who think that children who make mistakes show that they as parents are not doing a good job.
The article “Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn” shows the need for parents to embrace better parenting …

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