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Political science Assessment

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Democracy and Politics in Economic Development
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Democracy and Politics in Economic Development
A sizable number of the world’s countries are endowed with natural resources necessary for economic development, but they remain poor. The lack of democracy in such countries remains the blame yet such a notion is baseless. It is important to note that the availability of natural resources requires factors other than democracy to trigger economic growth and eventual development through a gradual process (Sen, 2018). Based on contemporary aid and designated development policies, development theoretically encompasses factors of democracy, commendable governance, and support of competitively market-friendly economies. It is without a doubt that each of the three factors plays a pertinent role in development, but politics is overall to economic development. In light of this, it is argued that democracy can mutually combine with politics to bolster economic growth and eventual development of a country (Rapley, 2013).
Consequently, growth is a transformational process involving urbanization, industrialization, and migration of citizens from lower to middle-income levels, and from middle to upper-income segments of an economy. Such a transformation should be characterized by sustained economic growth through improved Gross National Product. Therefore, politics initializes, sustains, and protects the developmental goals of any country (Rapley, 2…

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