Political article related to the medical field

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Political article related to the medical field

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Politics in Medical Field
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Politics play a major role in the economy of the country and most remarkably in the health sector of the country. It is the politicians who are in the government who pushes for the policies to be implemented in the medical field in the country as seen in the federal government. The members of the Federal council normally have the control over the government in the US and they dictate the funds that are provided to the healthcare docket and also they are the one who controls the economy of the country and therefore they are responsible to the affordability of the healthcare by the citizens (Brown, 1992). It has therefore been identified that the healthcare can easily operate on the insurance cover to help the citizens to pay for their healthcare bills in the hospitals to reduce the cost of medication in the country.
Problems and solutions
The purpose of the politicians in the medical concern is to negotiate the policies that are used to manage the medical sector and also to ensure that some amount of money is set aside for the ministry of health. The problems that have risen due to these authorities that are given to the politicians are the fact that there is the inadequacy of funds that are used in the health docket. And also the citizens hardly afford the medical charges that are required in the hospitals and other healthcare centers. As a result of the expensive medical cost, most of the patients who li…

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