Policy Analysis and Application

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Policy Analysis and Application

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Policy Analysis and Application
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Policy Analysis and Application
The most common problem with sexual abuse victims is the fact that they tend to blame themselves for the trauma. In Rita’s case, Bob sexually abused her after offering to drive her home (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2014). He went ahead to threaten her if she spoke about the incidence. Rita did nothing wrong, as the gesture seemed honest and she had no way to know whether Bob would hurt her. While talking to Rita about the policies for sexual abuse it became apparent that she had a 90-day deadline to report the incidence to the police.
The problem with this policy is that it closes off individuals who still have not come into terms with the assault. I would prolong the period for the forensic kit to six months since at this time; the client could be in a position to come to terms with the sexual assault. Additionally, the client has had assistance from a counselor, hence has the right set of mind to make a decision. Rita felt comfortable to talk to her family, 5 months after the assault, which has also been a good time to report the issue to the police. The 90-day period leads to unreported rape cases because the victims are still struggling with their emotions.
Rita could not report her assault after 5 months because the kit was no longer available. In order to see whether the forensic kit issue disappears, I would find out whether the number of women getting help ha…

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