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Hemophilia, the Royal Pedigree, and Biotechnology DiscussionQuestion 1
Before the year 1978, scientists made insulin from pigs and cattle. However, the demand for insulin increased making it difficult to process enough insulin for everybody. The increase in demand for the drug, it was approximated that more than 8 million cows were needed on a yearly basis (Rother et al. 16). Cloning of insulin applies genetic technology to make synthetic human insulin in laboratories. This is through the use of a combination of DNA technologies that have been proven recently. However, because it cannot be enough, this morning has enabled scientists to make even more insulin to treat the diseases available. Because of the proofs available, we can trust products that are produced in bacteria or yeast for humans (Peacock-Young et al. 9). This is because it is the only way the people could not get enough insulin for the many diseases that require insulin for treatment. Santa’s usually coops the bacteria so that it can produce insulin after synthesizing the DNA at high concentration. Every bacteria is needed to churn out much protein per sell than they do under a microscope.
Question 2
Before cloning a clotting factor, it is best to test for the cloning factors that are available. As a result, there’s the need to use more blood samples. However, there are various risks for more blood samples such as acquired immunodeficiency virus, HIV and aids as well as hepa…

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