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Unit 7 Questions
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Unit 7 Questions
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Philosophers spend a great deal of time to explain why things happen the way they do. The two world wars marveled the world because they happened in magnitudes never witnessed previously. Western philosophers influenced the course of the Second World War immensely. From the beginning, the philosophy of Satanism was the major political explanation for wars. The philosophy held that a state had the right to make people act against their judgments in the hope of achieving a greater good. In this sense, the greater good was seen in the protection of a race (Nazism) as well as protection of a nation (fascism) (Zaretsky, 2014).
The Nazis in Germany believed that their race was superior to other races in the world (Trueman, 2015). Consequently, the Nazis were entitled to wipe out other races to protect their position in the world for centuries to come. The successful conquest of other nations would enable the Nazis to sustain themselves and expand their territory (Trueman, 2015). Consequently, Adolf Hitler took on the task of steering the philosophy to fruition. He would stare at nothing on his way to victory even when the odds were highly against him (Trueman, 2015).
World War I had devastating economic impacts on nations. Germany and Italy were the hardest hit nations during the war. Consequently, Benito Mussolini of Italy formed a Fascist army that successfully overthrew the governm…

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