Personal Decision Making

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Personal Decision Making

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Personal Decision Making
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Personal Decision Making
The main reason for the existence of a business is to make a profit. However, organizational leaders often face dilemmas when they have to make decisions that may risk the survival of their firms and their progress. One of the challenges facing businesses has been the ability to make an informed decision regarding the sale of a business or a merger. Companies are often faced with tough situations when they have to make decisions that have an impact on their existence and profitability. On this day, I was a part of a committee that had to evaluate the need to form a merger or consider the sale of a business.
When a company is sold, it loses its existence. It also loses its chance of making a profit. There are instances when ventures are sold to benefit the owners when the sale plan provides it a feasible mechanism to start afresh. The owners may also resolve to purchase shares in the said company as a strategy to ensure that they continue to derive benefits from the venture. However, merges provide a plan to ensure business continuity although under different structures. The decision-making process of selling and undertaking a company through a merger process should aim at enhancing the choices that the firm has (Gigerenzer, 2010). It should foster to support the existing stakeholders and ensure that the interests of the majority are taken into account. Thus, the team settled for a merge…

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