Peak Performance

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Peak Performance

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Peak Performance
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Peak Performance
For my expert interview, I spoke to Dr. Kennedy Fray. Kennedy is currently 42 years old, an oral surgeon/ dentist and the director of a medical facility that provides both specialized treatments and general care for oral illnesses. Through my interaction with Dr. Fray, he seemed intrinsically motivated and displayed a sense of passion for his work. I had the opportunity to interview him on several matters such as why he settled for the medical profession, when he discovered his real passion for the job and whether it has changed over time, how Fray has maintained his interest for his work, the extent to which he relies on himself, colleagues, and mentors, and the source of his fulfilment. According to Dr. Fray, he never really wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Even though he admired the work doctors did to save lives, he never thought he would ever be a dentist until his mother was diagnosed with Leukaemia when he was ten years old. His mother’s constant suffering made him want to study medicine and save her from her agony. His mother passed away when he was twelve years old. However, when he joined college, Dr. Fray discovered that his passion was in Dentistry.
Dr. Fray discovered his real passion for dentistry while in college. He attributes this to his love for keeping clean and healthy teeth. While in medical college, Fray realized that he could serve the public better by maint…

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