Patient Self Determination Act

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Patient Self Determination Act

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Patient Self Determination Act
The Patient Self Determination act can be supported since the provisions of the act do not interfere with the rights of the patient. If a healthcare center receives the Medicare aid, the patient should be notified for him or her to accept the medication. The patient should be notified the policies of the medication before he or she commences the treatment process. The act follows the principles of the informed consent to the patient (Pope, 500). The patient’s decision-making process determines whether he or she will undergo the treatment or not. The act is applicable since it does not create new policies or regulations on the rights of the patient. The act is simple since it just reaffirms what the patient knows about his or her rights. However, most of the patients do not understand their rights thus they overlook the act.
The law is accomplished by giving the directives to the patients before they take the treatment. The patient is given the chance to ask for more clarification if something is ambiguous. The patient becomes aware of the medical complications that are possible to rise during the clinical encounter (Pope, 459). This act is there legal and should be supported since the patients undergo the medication with their consent.
The patient self-determination act allows the patients to participate in the decision-making process in the health center hence it cons…

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