OSHA and TOSHA regulations

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OSHA and TOSHA regulations

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OSHA and TOSHA regulations
Part 1
Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (OSHA, n.pag.)
Occupational Health and Safety Standards- Part 1910
Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries- Part 1904
Occupational Health and Safety topics for construction- Part 1926
Hazard Communication- Part 1910
Part 2
Ohio and Alabama are two US states that do NOT have an “OSHA Approved State Plan”.
Part 3
There is a unique standard included in Tennessee’s “OSHA Approved State Plan” under the general industry standards. Tennessee has opted to adopt the International Fire Code and International Building Code, more specifically the 2012 versions. These adopted international standards are stricter compared to the OSHA standards on combustible dust.
Part 4
Construction Standards- OSHA Regulation (Standards- 29 CFR) Part 1926, 1904, 1910
General Industry Standards- OSHA Regulation (Standards- 29 CFR) Part 1910, International Fire Code, International Building Code
Health Standards- OSHA Regulation (Standards- 29 CFR) Part 1904, 1910, 1913
Public Sector Requirements- OSHA Regulation (Standards- 29 CFR) Part 1952, 1956, 1975 (TOSHA, n.pag.)
Part 5
Training and education of employees (Part 1949- Office of Training and Education, OSHA)
This topic is important since it ensures employees are kept up to date with new ways of carrying out operations. The advancement of technology plays a huge role with regards to t…

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