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Opposition Report

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Opposition Report.
Regarding the preliminary research report, I have a direct opposition towards the argument presented. The report argues that the government should work towards reducing the interest rates on student’s loan which will increase student enrollment. My direct opposition is that lowering the interest rates on student loans will not increase the student enrollment. Direct opposition is a counter-argument that some make towards another person’s idea or opinion regarding a specific topic of discussion (Firestone n.p.). Here, I argue that the point made earlier might not be collect looking at it from a different perspective and considering factors that the writer ought to have examined before arriving at his/her final idea.
Regarding the counter argument, it stands in the way of my original opinion in different ways. First, it brings in the light some of the factors that I should have considered. That includes the fact that reducing the interest rates, means that the students will have an easy time paying the loans, but it will not reduce the amount of fee that the institution charges. A reduction will only affect the investments and not the fee meaning that many students might still see it as a burden for them.
Further, in the proposing argument, the opposition idea stands in the way by highlighting the fact that I failed to consider the stakes involved in the student’s loan. There are several un…

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