On Being a Cripple

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On Being a Cripple

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Annotated Bibliography
Mairs, Nancy. On being a cripple. na, 1986.
Despite the need to express personal true feelings and thoughts of issues and living glamorized lives, people choose to judge others. Accordingly, Mairs employs a satirical approach to the story, whereby she describes that her condition warrants her to being described as a disabled person. Nonetheless, Mairs mentions that the society’s attitude towards cripples is devastating and plays a vital role in aggravating her situation.
The story illustrates that people should live beyond their conditions and instead focuses on their abilities rather than the judgmental attitudes shown by others. Being physically unfit is not necessarily a sign of inability. Instead, a person’s attitude towards their situation plays a vital role in dictating how they lead their lives and hence the attitude of others. Self-love, recognition, and determination are all essential attributes that can foster the judgmental attitudes of people towards their physical, financial, and other appearances.
Miner, Madonne. “Making up the stories as we go along”: men, women, and narratives of disability.” On the Literary Nonfiction of Nancy Mairs. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2011. 145-159.The chapter gives a review of the way society relates with those that make up stories regarding other people’s lives. Accordingly, the article seeks to complement the comments made by Nancy Mairs regarding leading judgme…

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