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How a 57-year old woman patient who has suffered from diabetes for 13 years used the oral hypoglycemic agent to help control her blood sugar level but later failed. Due to these factors, the patient was advised to put into use the lifestyle modification more so the diet components as well as the insulin degludec. Through the dietary modification, the patient’s blood glucose level reduced without the application of hypoglycemia. This Improvement has been realized within the three months of the dietary modification and the use of insulin degludec.
The patient had been using the hypoglycemia to regulate her blood sugar level; however, there were some hypoglycemic risks that the patient was experiencing. The case study, therefore, explains the alternative ways that can be used by the patient suffering from diabetes. It was also realized that the patient’s glucose level also reduced when the individual fasts. For instance, the level of blood sugar was 170 mg/dL when the patient was fasting and 230 mg/dL when the patient was taking her meals (Kumar, 2015). This is an indication that the blood sugar level increases due to the food or the diet that the patients feed on. The recommendation of dietary modification results in a great effect on the patients. Similarly, from the study, it is evident that the reduction of the level of insulin degludec used by the patient does not bring any impact on the glu…

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