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It is a medical intervention that assists people who have chest congestion to breath with ease while under medication. It is a medical intervention that usually assists people admitted in the intensive care unit wing of the hospital. It can also assist people with shallow breathing problems to breathe well in various medical circumstances. People with a history of neurologic conditions usually benefit from this intervention that consists of devices that helps them to breathe (Blissitt, 2011). The mechanical devices that are associated with this medical intervention normally help people with the inhaling and exhaling process. It passes oxygen through their noses and eases the congestion in the chest (Crofts, 2006). A face mask can be beneficial to such people because it prevents the airways from breaking during the end of the inhaling process. During the exacerbation medical intervention, people wearing face masks can benefit from smooth breathing process due to the consistent flow of oxygen through the airways.
A medical ventilator can also be used to assist people with chronic breathing situations. It is an intervention that can be used to assist people in dire need of breathing assistance. A mechanical ventilator can also assist with other respiratory issues such as acute massive atelectasis. It is a complication that could allow for admission to the intensive care unit for an exacerbation medical intervention. The treatment of…

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