NR 439 Nursing Research

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NR 439 Nursing Research

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Nursing Research
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AbstractThe American Nurses Foundation has existed for more than 60 years. The core objective of the foundation is to provide relevant information that helps all the nurses and other people with interest in the nursing profession by providing them with useful data and information. Through journals and other valuable resources in the nursing profession, nurses are updated on current trends such as available opportunities, salaries and how the nursing profession is growing. Moreover, the information provided can be very crucial when conducting research on various issues concerning nursing. This paper is a review of the secondary data provided in the ANA fast facts 2014. It also explains the importance of the information provided on the website and also explain the significance and meaning of validity and reliability with respect to research. The paper also looks at observation as the best method of data collection and MBI as the preferred measurement method to burnout clinical issues.
Keyword: ANA, reliability, validity, data, study
Nursing Research
After reviewing the secondary data presented as facts on the ANA fast facts 2014, it is quite clear that matters concerning the interest of nurses in the United States are given a high priority. The secondary data mainly encompasses the median RN salaries and their trends, new jobs and the overall replacement needs, and the nursing education (American Nursing Ass…

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