non interracial adoption

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non interracial adoption

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Symbolic Interactionism
Institutional affiliation

The aim of the article under review is to illustrate the reasons why black people rejected the idea of interracial adoptions. Between 1950 and 1971, the adoption of black children by white parents became extensively common (Hollingsworth, 1999). To many activists that encouraged interaction and recognition of multicultural family dynamics, this was really surprising. However, the association of black workers expressed concerns over the issue. They felt that the position denied the black children an opportunity to live a full self-actualization (Hollingsworth, 1999). This paper attempts to explain the validity of these values.
The major concept of the paper is the symbolism interactionism. Through this, the author argues a human being is a product of the relationships that he encounters. African American children identify with the African heritage. They also suffer from various social prejudices created by the majority. The system failed them further by removing them from their biological parents without any attempts to resolve the challenges of the parents.
The systems theory is used in the article under review. The systems theory is a theory that is used by social workers in an attempt to understand humans as a relationship with multiple complex systems. The interaction with these systems determines how human beings respond to certain events. In this case, black children are viewed within their interaction…

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