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Newspaper Review
The New York Times article “Is Trump on a Collision Course With Impeachment?” talks about the possibility of Democrats to proceed to table an impeachment motion against President Donald Trump if they win the House. Whereas many are wary of the many unsuccessful times that impeachment motions have been tabled against former presidents, there is a growing feeling that Democrats will initiate an impeachment motion against Trump soon rather than later. There is a general belief from the liberal wing that there are legal grounds to initiate this motion, considering the many scandals that have been labeled against the President Trump throughout his presidency. The Democrats are primarily banking on the contents of the Mueller report. However, in all these, they fear that the outcome might be quite detrimental to their chances of gaining the presidency by galvanizing president Trump’s support base as 2020 fast approaches.
This article is both objective and sensationalized. The author objectively gives a two-way perspective on the possibility of Trump being impeached. On the one hand, the author points out that “more than any other president, there are more ethical issues labeled against the President that can warrant impeachment.” (Baker n.p.) On the other hand, “the Democrats are reluctant to fall into this trap because if they fail with the motion, Trump could have more clout as the nation prepares for the 2020 elect…

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