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Equality is a social norm that has been and continues to be implicitly centered in our societies. The existence of multiple inequalities or multiple dimensions of stratification and social categorization is today part of common sense in society. When talking about various aspects, however, it is necessary to start from a significant differentiation between the analytical dimensions and the criteria and categories that the Protagonists construct and use in their daily practices and their interpersonal relationships. For the protagonists, the groups with which they differentiate or identify with others and are built from their experiences, in the specific situations in which they find themselves. The differences between individuals are more often converted into inequalities because we are immersed in systems that privilege groups over others, providing them with more and better opportunities for well-being. Also, the difference is a transversal variable that affects homogeneously all the social strata in which women and the rest of the discriminated groups are situated. Patriarchies is not a structure of autonomous oppression, concentrated in the relations of subordination of women to men, but a similar set of abuse, class, race, gender, and social condition.
Gender discrimination in education severely affects women, and also the male gender at times. Discrimination is facilitated by other varia…

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