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Netflix Case Study
Question One
The company’s primary strategy involves the use of innovation to provide high-quality services to customers (Stanford Graduate School of Business). The company continuously evolves through new ideas that are focused on improving the customer experience and beating the competition as a result.
Question Two
Netflix has a culture that is focused on performance (Stanford Graduate School of Business). The company hires outstanding employees and motivates them to give their best to the organization by giving them a great deal of autonomy and freedom in how they choose to do their jobs.
Question Three
The company’s organizational strategy and culture are aligned (Stanford Graduate School of Business). By hiring the outstanding employees and motivating them to give their best to the organization, the company can achieve its strategy of continuously innovating for growth.
Question Four
Netflix uses a differentiation strategy (Stanford Graduate School of Business). The company provides differentiated services to customers in comparison to those offered by the competition. From the beginning, Netflix adopted customer-friendly terms not offered by the competition and had over time distinguished itself as a customer-centered organization.
Question Five
Netflix uses the strategy of a prospector (Stanford Graduate School of Business). The company is always looking for new opportunitie…

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