Natural Law

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Natural Law

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Prevalence of Moral Law to Civil Rules
A civil government is a representation of the people’s wills through their elected leaders, hence their obligation to follow public duty. But, how long should a liberal people follow and constitute the civil rules blindly before they embrace the ’75 revolution? This article aims to discuss the availability of higher moral law to the civil law, which a country’s people must resist and refuse allegiance to all its operations.
Political governments have in many instances gone beyond the protection of its people’s civil right to endangering them causing them to decline association and recognition with the political administration (Aquinas 296). Injustice has always found a place in the society, but the remedy is not still as good as the people would anticipate. It, therefore, requires that the people mainly representing the majority as compared to their leaders that they should develop a sense of moral law that will help them to live with the societal evil. It is because citizens are not obligated to engage in the eradication of any wrong (Aquinas 297) since they have other business to participate. The ways of the government take long, and a man’s life might be gone (Aquinas 297). Before such takes place, it is advisable that even abolitionists withdraw their support to the government and trust that they have God on their side to make rules on their own. God’s presence is necessary to help u…

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