NASPAA`s key pillars of public Administration

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NASPAA`s key pillars of public Administration

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NASPAA`s key pillars of public Administration
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The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) argue that people can achieve equity for social equity by using the four pillars used in public administration. It points out that equity should be put at the same level of consideration as the other pillars, efficiency, economy and effectiveness when establishing and implementing public policies.
Under public administration, the economy is arguably the most scrutinized pillar among the four pillars of public administration. During the discussion on the public expenditure in the public budget, it is expected that the public service sector will be provided in the most economical way. Economy has been described as the management of the scarce resources and particularly with expending the little resources at an agreed level of public service. In public administration, economy usually involves getting better or lower bids on contracts for some agreed-upon services, outsourcing of public services, finding out ways of working with fewer resources and using network governance that will be used in partnering with other sectors so as to provide public service. Economy is seen as an objective concept, and the good management of the public funds is a long-held principle. One can measure the strength of an economy by calculating the savings, evaluating the expenditures of the funds, and monitoring the inputs that a…

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