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Olaudah Equiano

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Analysis of Kidnapping and Enslavement by Olaudah Equiano
The reading entails the works of Olaudah Equiano where he explains about the hardships he went through in his autobiography, “Kidnapping and Enslavement.” Equiano decided to write his autobiography to share the tribulations that faced slaves and the evils attached to the whole business of the slave trade. He is astonished by the fact that fellow African people were the first to kidnap him and repeatedly sold before he was finally sold to the whites. It can be argued that the author aimed at showcasing the detriment of the slave trade with the intent of justifying the call for its abolishment.
In the bid to show the evils of the slave trade, Equiano says, “When I recovered a little, I found some black people about me, who I believed were some of those that brought me on board and had been receiving their pay” (Equiano 47). With this in mind, the author tries to bring out the picture of the greed for money that made his fellow black people sell him off to the whites. All the sufferings he went through was as a result of his fellow black people love for money to the extent of not caring what he was to go through in the hands of the whites.
The author’s strategy can be argued to have been effective in communicating his views. The reader feels the pain the salves went through as more examples of what happened on the journey is given. The reading has made me focus on advoc…

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