Chesapeake Bay

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Chesapeake Bay

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Chesapeake Bay
Games form an avenue where gamers not only get entertained but also receive knowledge. In this context, the purpose of the game is to make one to appreciate the aspects that disturb the aquatic environment. Its primary initiative is to learners know to have fun. In the course of having fun, the tent to learn and get to understand more on how various decision and steps in life can affect the aquatic environment. Through the multiple characters, the game’s primary interface and the aquatic environment. On that note, these factors are majorly contributed by the stakeholders in the game. In the course of playing the game, any negative step taken by the participant leads to a negative impact on a particular environment. Moreover, any affirmative action taken by a participant in the game leads to a positive or negative effect on the aquatic environment.
The stakeholders represented in the game are farmers, the developers, local policymakers, and the watermen. In the game, the farmers are regarded as the group that is directly affected by the environmental inhibitors. They represented the group that mostly suffer when one tampers with the environment. The developers are the elements that build up the environment. They represent the group that comes up with ideas that escalate the environmental factors(University of Virginia 1). The local policymakers are the elements that defend the environment. They represent t…

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